What happens in Diabetes type-2 inside your body


What happens in diabetes inside your body ? Do you know? You can roughly answer this question saying, Blood sugar levels are high in type -2 diabetes,, and some one else says in diabetes type-2 pancreas do not produce enough insulin, and some one else will say- If type-2 diabetics will eat rice /sweets/potato their blood sugar levels will raise.

I  am not asking about the symptoms??  Bhai Saab,,,  I am asking you what happens exactly in the body if you are diabetic.

I will answer this question in three different ways,  through- infographic, text and video.

  1.  You eat your favorite food may be rice, roti, rasogulla, apple ,dosa etc.
  2. The food travels to the stomach, Your Brain knows that you are going to eat lunch at 1 pm, So it makes the body ready to release digestive enzymes and hormones to assist in digestion.
  3. So when you eat food your digestive enzymes and hormones released breakdown food into glucose, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  4. All the nutrients are transferred to small intestine, gut in the small intestine transfers the nutrients into blood and as a result after you eat food blood sugar levels raise even in a healthy individual.
  5. As the blood sugar levels raise, pancreas releases insulin, Insulin’s job is to signal liver to store some of the food in Liver as glycogen stores and also open the locks of cells and transport glucose into them with the help of insulin receptors in the cells.
  6. So this process keeps on going every time you eat food, but if you keep on eating more and more but spend less, what happens is your liver will be filled with fat and your cells also get fat and the insulin receptors in the cells do not work.
  7. So the Glucose stays back in blood and leads to high blood sugar levels, That is why Most of the Diabetes Educators say you should eat only what you can spend and Also one more important suggestion is to Eat in small portions.
  8. So before you get diabetic you generally get fat and your cholesterol profile gets bad. So it is very important to eat on time, eat enough, eat when required only and have some physical activity.

what happens in diabetes infographic pic

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