What is this 8 weeks diabetes challenge ?


You would have come across our 8 weeks diabetes challenge program. Still some of you are having some doubts about the program. so i will cover all the doubts. 


What is 8 Weeks Diabetes Challenge?

In this 8 weeks, you will have to do 40 tasks given by us , There will be 5 tasks each week , One task may take up to 30 minutes to complete, You need to understand that in order to participate in this Challenge you should be ready to give yourself 30 minutes of time / day.

So you can easily participate in the challenge from your home itself.

What will I get if I join 8 Weeks Diabetes Challenge?

You will discover the formula on how to reverse diabetes naturally by practicing simple lifestyle things and alternate therapies

  1.  Till date 389 participants accepted the challenge.
  2. 👍 350 participants told the program is very well designed.
  3. ☝240 participants told they could participate in more than 30 tasks out of 40.
  4. 🏂 182 participants told they could reduce their blood sugar levels.
  5. 👌 90 participants told they could reduce medications.
  6. 💃 8 participants told they reversed their diabetes.So you can easily participate in the challenge from your home itself.

8 Weeks Diabetes challenge makes it possible to try all the simple things which are very effective. Generally we people ignore these type of things though someone had already told us about them.

How will I get instructions about the challenge?

You will receive the instructions in 3 ways

  1. Through a 8 weeks challenge notebook (virtual) accessible through a link provided by us. you will not get access to all the 8 weeks tasks at once, this program is very well designed to make you do more without using much willpower.
  2. Through Email, we will send ocassional emails about tasks.
  3. Through whatsapp also, you will be provided access to the 8 weeks diabetes challenge whatsapp group and you will also recieve personal whatsapp messages to guide you better.

Can Office going people participate in the challenge?

Yes definitely, It is designed for Office going people and buy people only.

50% of diabetes in stress induced diabetes in India.

Stress builds up because you are not able to take enough time for yourself.

with this challenge you will take out 3-4 hrs of time / week  for yourself.

This free time coupled with our guidance, power of small things and alternate therapies will help you reverse diabetes


Here is a Audio Guide about 8 Weeks Diabetes Challenge?

I have considered all the frequently asked questions and compiled this audio file. 8 Weeks Diabetes Challenge FAQ.

8 Weeks Diabetes Challenge Batch-5 is going to start from 24th September. 


Only 200 people can participate, Slots are filling up fast. Hurry up and register now to avail Early bird price.