winners of recipe contest


All of you know we have conducted a Recipe Contest.

We did not recieve as many recipes as we expected, still it is good to start, I am happy that we have started this Recipe contest. I will continue to do this with the help of All of you.

Important thing to keep in mind when we are making diabetic friendly recipes is to keep the recipe highly nutritious while we keep check on glycemic load of the recipe.

Recipe which won the  first prize is submitted by Mr. Kuldeep kumar who has reversed his diabetes naturally.

His recipe tastes sweet but it is a good recipe because it is highly nutritious, I always say diabetics should not focus on short term benefit.

Short term benefit means focusing on blood sugar levels, long term benefit means focusing on repairing our body totally.

his recipe name is sweet treat , ingredients are chia seeda, kiwi,papaya, green apple, almods, walnuts, cashews, pista , cinnamon powder and organic honey etc​

how to reverse diabetes naturally

Recipe which one the second prize is submitted by Mr. Hiren Patel, who is in process of reversing his diabetes

His Recipe is Shimla Mirchi Salad ingedients are  green Shimla mirch,   red Shimla mirch,  orange Shimla mirch,  Small red onion. parsley,  Salt and black pepper.

This is healthy diabetic recipe which is helpful to lower blood sugar level as the ingredients are raw food with high fiber. The all ingredients are easily available to us. Each components of this salad is highly preferable as allowable food for diabetic people except salt must be in lesser quantity.

Recipe which one third prize is submitted by Prem Prakash who also reversed his diabetes in 6 months

His Recipe is Daliya​, ingredients are one cup Barley Daliya , some green vegetables , tomatoes, moong dal & Rock salt​

I have choosen this recipe because it is very easy to make and it is diabetic friendly.​​

All three winners will be sent a hard copy of the Book - " 

Love Yourself Heal Your Life Workbook

Written By Louise Hay ( She cured herself of cancer by changing her thinking patterns ​)- Louise L. Hay is the author of You Can Heal Your Life. She had written various books and being awarded for many. Hay runs a charitable organization called the Hay Foundation to run her publishing company. In 1976, Hay wrote her first book Heal Your Body as a small pamphlet which later turned into an enlarged pamphlet titled You Can Heal Your Life in 1984.

First, Second & Third Prize

I congratulate the winners and thank them for being an Inspiration to all other DIabetics who wants to reverse their Diabetes.

All the three recipes will be published on our website soon

1. Sweet treat

2. Shimla Mirch Salad

3. Nutritious Daliya ​