Worst foods for diabetes type 2


You will be surprised to know Rice is not the worst food for diabetes type 2! I will explain why in the next paragraphs of this article and, Of course, all of us know sweets are among the worst food for diabetes type 2,  It does not mean salt is good for diabetes type 2. most problematic thing which is making life of people with diabetes more complex is there ignorance about the diabetes and the choice of foods they make to eat on day to day basis.

Come on Lets understand what are worst foods for Diabetes type -2 both in long term and short term


Don’t get confused what is this long term and short term basis for selection of foods? You need to know eating Animal fat will not raise your blood sugar levels instantaneously while eating a one more bowl of rice may raise your blood sugar levels quickly. But Consuming Animal fat will lead to accumulation of fat in cells which make your cells more resistant to insulin. which means more medication in future if you eat animal fat now.

Sweets made of Ghee (clarified butter) are one amongst the worst foods for diabetes type 2

As you know sweets contain lots of processed sugars and some of the sweets are made with ghee / butter which are animal products, i.e they are extracted from Animal milk which are high in fat, So what eating sweets made with clarified butter/ ghee means – Effecting your body in long term and short term also. So eating these type of sweets means increasing fat in our cells in the long term and spiking your blood sugar levels instantaneously.

worst foods for diabetes type 2
Worst foods for diabetes type 2

Animal products are worst because they can turn a normal person into a diabetic

Most of us don’t realise how much harm does these Animal products like Meat, chicken, Fishes and eggs does to our body, we are fond of going to KFC to eat deep fried chicken, we love the taste but most of us ignore the health effects of the same. I am also worried that a person with diabetes type 2 take chicken, fish, and eggs too often because there are very less carbohydrates, but they are ignoring the fact that

Eating less Non Vegetarian foods means less insulin resistance as said by Dr.Neal Barnard who had proven scientifically How to Reverse Diabetes


Fried Foods are also worst for people with Diabetes type-2

Fried Foods are high in trans fats which are highly unhealthy and there is a danger of overconsumption because fried foods taste so yummy make you lose control on how much you eat. carbohydrates or protein typically have 4 calories per gram but fat has 9 calories per gram, eating Fried foods does not affect your blood sugar levels fastly but will affect the body insulin sensitivity in the long run. So avoid fried foods they are among the worst foods for diabetes type 2 people. say goodbye to french fries

Foods high in glycemic index are also to be avoided

If you are a diabetic you must know what is glycemic index, Glycemic index is a number which indicates rate at which these foods release sugar into our blood, bigger the number more sugars are released, you can have a look at the Glycemic index of some Indian foods . Luckily many of our Indian foods have low glycemic index, if we can keep away from packed food and western foods like pizza, burger, KFC chicken etc, our job is half done.

I mean to say try to eat at home as much as you can


After Sunset, all the foods become worst Foods because they turn into fat.

for example  an omelet in break fast  is a good food but omelet in dinner is a bad food because whatever we consume in breakfast is burnt in the activities we do all the day but whatever we eat after sunset is going to convert into fat. You already know fat is dangerous to people with diabetes type 2

 We are in a process of discovering more worst foods for diabetes type 2, we are curious to here from you. Let us know about your experiences

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