Diabetes can make you healthy, happy & rich!!


What are you talking are you crazy?? Dimaak karaab hogaya kyaa ?? you don’t know how painful diabetes is??Mazaak mat karna, Are these your reactions reading the title !! Yes Title is true, especially for type-2 diabetes.

I will justify, how can you make it true, Type-2 Diabetes is a life style disorder, You are diagnosed with diabetes means you are leading a unhealthy and faulty lifestyle, So when you are diagnosed with diabetes you are at Y Junction of life, There are two paths- Good boy path and a bad boy path.

Let me explain in details, Imagine you are standing at a Y Junction on a highway, The road you take will decide you will end up in a forest where Naxalites live or you end up in a metropolitan city like Mumbai / Bangalore.

Similarly in Diabetes also , One who chooses the Good Boy path will live happy, healthy and rich. So now the question is what is good boy path?


diabetes y junction

Good boy path means.

  1. Sleeping on time, mostly before 10 pm every night.
  2. Waking up before 05:30 am every morning.
  3. Eating healthy food in the morning.
  4. Starting your day with hot /warm water instead of milk tea / coffee.
  5. Having a healthy breakfast peacefully ( not in a hurry)
  6. Eating half stomach.
  7. Eating home made lunch and eating a lot of variety.
  8. Not worrying over silly things at Office.
  9. Not worrying about your 5 year old Daughter’s marriage.
  10. Spending quality time with family.
  11. Spending time often for leisure.
  12. Doing exercise / have enough physical activity.
  13. Reading Good books.
  14. Cooking yourself often.
  15. Try to be happy and keep others happy.
  16. Thinks positively.
  17. Have big Aims which he enjoys to achieve.

On the other side Bad boy path will do the exact opposite of what the good boy does.

So when one is hit with diabetes, if he takes responsibility of his diabetes and starts correcting his lifestyle he can do wonders, may be one may need to change his job because he is doing a job which is not suitable to him or which is highly stressful.

  1. Not Sleeping on time, waking up to 12 o clock just see silly whatsapp messages..
  2. Waking up late and hurrying up to the office to realize you forgot to brush your teeth..
  3. Eating junk food and cannot control when you see sweets.
  4. Starting your day milk tea / coffee. (  lack of enough sleep means you cannot wake up with coffee /tea)
  5. No time for breakfast ( skip it or eat samosa / biscuit with Chai)
  6. Eating full stomach / Eating though you are not hungry.
  7. Eating outside food, eating food made out of packets- easy to cook / Eat same food everyday.
  8. worrying over silly things at Office.
  9. worrying about your 5 year old Daughter’s marriage/ length of your neighbor’s car.
  10. Giving priority to your office life than Spending quality time with family.
  11. Not Spending time for leisure at all/ No time to attend Parent teacher’s meeting.
  12. No time go for your daughters dance event in school
  13. No time for exercise / No time to go for medical tests.
  14. Keeps on changing the channels on the tv remote, and sleeping on the sofa, without switching off the tv.
  15. Sitting in the office for hours together.

So now will you agree taking a good boy path at the Y Junction will make you healthy, happy and rich.

Now you will say healthy and happy is ok, but how can diabetes make me rich.

When you correct your lifestyle, you will discover a lot of happiness, you will be in high spirits and take right decisions healthy body leads to healthy mind and healthy mind can do wonders. So you really start living life, one who is happy is also successful.

Tell me now you want to take a GOOD BOY PATH / BAD BOY PATH ?