how long does it take to reverse type-2 diabetes?


The answer to this question " how long does it take to reverse type -2 diabetes" is not straight forward. it's really a complex question but I will give you the answer by taking real life examples of people who reversed their diabetes in 6 months. 

So to answer this question I will take examples of real experiences of people who reversed diabetes and their success stories are published on our website.

Kuldeep Kumar - diagnosed diabetic in 2006, decided to reverse diabetes in 2015 and reversed it in 2016. checks his blood sugar levels often and have good control on diet and physical activity. After he decided to reverse his diabetes, Kuldeepji reversed his diabetes in 6 months

Pradeep Shintre was a diabetic since 1997 - 2016, i.e for 19 years and when he watched a tv program of Dr. Pramod Tripathi he got the confidence and started taking steps and in May 2016 he started taking action and by September his HBA1C came down from 8.4% - 6.3% just in 4 months.

Prem Prakashji was diabetic for 3 years , Prem Prakashji reversed his diabetes in 6 months with power of Yoga and diet control.

Anand choudhari reversed his diabetes within 6 months, Hew as diagnosed at high HBA1C of 11.3% in Dec 2017, He found our website and talked to me I told him it is possible to reverse diabetes with lifestyle modifications, So he started acting on hi diabetes and by April 2018 he bought down his HBA1C to 6.4%

reverse diabetes

All these examples prove one thing that if you are determined to reverse your diabetes and act upon reversing it 6months may be enough. But that does not mean all diabetics can reverse it in 6 months.

Time required to reverse your diabetes will depend on the following factors

  • Any other conditions you have like blood pressure, obesity etc.
  • Your food habits.
  • Physical Activity level.
  • Vitamin Deficiencies.
  • Stress levels.

All the above factors will decide how long does it take to reverse type-2 diabetes. 

For example, Let us say you are over weight you should  focus on reducing weight, by reducing weight you can achieve a better blood glucose control. 

Some people believe in a saying " Eat whatever you want but do Exercise" This type of thinking is not good for diabetics, Diabetics should understand that they do not have the best of digestive systems, so they should reduce the amount of food they consume. Moreover if you eat a lot of food your liver also has to work more and more making liver metabolism sluggish.  So avoid eating more food.

Doing physical activity is very important, diet alone cannot help yo reverse diabetes, Whoever is reversing their diabetes are reversing it by having control on their diet and ensuring they have enough physical activity.

You may have tight control on your diet and exercising regularly but not seeing any results means you may be having Vitamin Deficiencies, More than 50% of the diabetics are deficient in Vitamin -D.  You should focus on having sufficient levels of Vitamin-D because it impacts blood sugar levels and blood glucose metabolism. 

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C are also impacting blood sugar metabolism, So you need to check this and regularly and take action to have sufficient levels.

I am discussing about Stress levels in the last, but stress is one thing which impacts your diabetes a lot, Emotional stress (fear, anxiety, anger, excitement, tension) and physiological stress (illness, pain, infection, injury) cause the body to secrete stress hormones into the bloodstream. For those without diabetes, the stress-induced blood sugar rise is followed by an increase in insulin secretion, so the blood sugar rise is modest and temporary. For those of us with diabetes, however, stress can cause a significant and prolonged increase in the blood sugar level.

So you should know how to control your stress levels. 


If you are able to do all the things mentioned it can be possible that you can reverse your diabetes in 6 months, please comment below if you have any doubts. Please take the first steps to reverse your diabetes now.