Can Diabetics Eat Watermelon?


I have been receiving facebook messages &  emails asking if Diabetics can eat Watermelon? Most of us like Watermelon, And in Summer we cannot say NO to Watermelon at all.  Glycemic index of Water melon is 72 which is on the higher side.  

But The Glycemic load of water melon is 9 which is very low, Any food which has low glycemic Load is safe to eat for diabetics in small quantities, It is safe for Diabetics to eat 2-3 cups of watermelon happily without spiking their blood glucose levels. 

Do you think you got the answer and discussion is over ? No Not yet,

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problem is most of the diabetics are focusing on the blood sugar levels part and ignoring the nutrient content of the food in question.  While analysing a food for its diabetic friendliness we should also consider the nutrient value it provides.


What my survey told about Diabetes and water melon?

​I have surveyed my Email followers, there are 52 responses 

Question: Can Diabetics eat watermelon?

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  1. 37 % of the people answered Diabetics can happily eat watermelon.
  2. 47 % of the people answered Diabetics can eat water melon ocassionally.
  3. 3% of the people responded Diabetics should not eat water melon.
  4. 13 % of the people responded they have no idea.
  5. 0% of the people responded that water melon raises their blood sugar levels.

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IS Watermelon good for a Diabetic person ?

​Eating watermelon or drinking watermelon juice can have several health benefits, including lower blood pressure, improved insulin sensitivity and reduced muscle soreness and improvement in Erectile dysfunction.

​Water melon is Good source of Vitamins A,B & C

Watermelons are mostly water — about 92 percent — but this refreshing fruit is soaked with nutrients. Each juicy bite has significant levels of vitamins A, B6 and C,  Diabetics lose a lot of vitamin C due to urination , I guess you already know Vitamin C is water Soluble.

Most of us throw away the seeds & white part . But all parts of water melon are equally rich in nutrients , Its seeds are rich in Phosporous, iron, potassium, sodium, copper, manganeese and zinc. We should try to use water melon seeds in our recipes,

Lycopene in Watermelon is good for diabetics with B.P

  1. Lycopene in watermelon helps reduce blood pressure in Diabetics.
  2. Lycopene can help reduce LDL cholesterol levels significantly.
  3. Diabetic neuropathy can calmed down by lycopene.
  4. Lycopene present in watermelon is good for healthy eyes in diabetics
  5. Lycopene is generally associated with Fresh Tomatoes, But Water Melon is a better source than tomatoes.
  6.  Health Benefits of Lycopene are not limited to above !
  • But for your body to absorb the lycopene content, you have to eat it with fat, because lycopene is fat soluble. 
  • Best way diabetics can eat watermelon to get lycopene content is to cut watermelon into small pieces mash them, add grated coconut and chia seeds stirr it and make it like smoothie and eat it.
Does water melon raise blood sugar levels?

  • If you eat more in quantity it may spike, but here is the Best way diabetics can eat watermelon to get lycopene content is to cut watermelon into small pieces mash them, add grated coconut and chia seeds stirr it and make it like smoothie and eat it.

​Water melon can help with Erectile dysfunction in diabetics

​Citrulline is an Amino Acid present abundantly in Water melon Rind, Which when reaches our kidneys it is converted into Arginine, Arginine helps to convert Nitric oxide syntase in our cells to Nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide relaxes our muscles by allowing our blood to more freely , So this helps in reducing muscle pain and a increased nitric oxide levels will also help in treating erectile dysfunction in men. Is it not surprising to see so many benefits of water melon?

Now the question is how to eat the Rind ?

 Take the Rind part chop into pieces and put in a blender and with some lemon drops and drink this Rind lime juice. Rind portion is good to build blood also. You can make curry out of water melon Rind

Diabetics should not Eat watermelon at night

​As Watermelon is diuretic, Diabetics should avoid eating it at night because they have to go more frequently for urination.

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Do you know anything more about water melon, Does it spike your blood sugar levels? How do you eat water melon, do you know any good recipe using water melon.

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