how to reduce high triglycerides naturally


Are your triglyceride levels high, Did your Doctor warn you not to eat these and that and do exercise etc, Are you scared NOW ?? I guess that is why you are desperate to know how to reduce your high triglycerides. before we understand how to reduce triglycerides, let us know what are these triglycerides? A Big myth about triglycerides is that they are caused by eating a diet rich in fat, But the reality is that the liver converts the excess food we eat into triglycerides irrespective of they are fat, carbs or protein.

triglycerides in high amounts more than 100mg/dl are considered as not healthy which increase risk of heart disease, fatty liver etc, not to fear I am revealing all you can do to lower your triglyceride levels, I am revealing some surprising things like sitting for longer periods & dental hygiene also are important to control triglyceride levels,, just read on to know

What are triglycerides?

Triglycerides are not the villains, They are essential fats produced by the liver, they are important because they provide energy to our body. whatever we eat is broken down into high density lipoproteins, low density lipoproteins and triglycerides by Liver, Triglycerides in the blood are not made from dietary fats but made in the liver from excess sugar which has not been used for energy. unused calories by your body contributes to higher triglycerides.

Any food we eat that isn’t used for energy immediately – carbohydrates, fat, protein , excess calories, alcohol and sugar is also converted into triglycerides by liver, But up to a limit triglycerides are essential that’s why our body is producing triglycerides.

What is the risk of having high triglycerides?

You might be already be knowing some of the risk factors associated with high triglycerides, Your Doctor would have told you that your Fasting Blood sugar levels are in border and your triglycerides are more than 200 mg/dl, this will lead you to diabetes etc. What are the risk involved in having triglyceride levels ( Risk of drinking soda / soft drink /alcohol /sitting on & on regularly)

  1. high triglycerides lead to accumulation of fat in bloodstream.
  2. increased storage of fat throughout the body and also in liver.
  3. this means high triglycerides  can lead to insulin resistance (most common in diabetes type-2).
  4. weight gain and fatty liver.
  5. Pancreatitis.
  6. Heart stroke (high triglyceride levels increases plaque in blood vessels).

Conditions which can lead to high triglycerides

  1. poorly controlled diabetes.
  2. hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroid hormones).
  3. kidney disease.
  4. use of birth control pills.
  5. hormone replacement therapy
  6. periodontitis (can increase LDL cholesterol)

what should be my goal regarding triglyceride levels?

It is recommended to bring your triglycerides below 100 mg/dl , But reducing high triglyceride levels alone may not be very useful unless you achieve higher HDL Levels while keeping your LDL Levels low. Your target values should be more strict based on the following factors as per Michael T. McDermott (MD Professor of Medicine & Endocrinology Practice Director)

  1. Age factor – 45 or older in men and 55 or older in women.
  2. Diabetes – people already suffering with diabetes will make their diabetes worse with high triglyceride levels.
  3. hyper tension / high blood pressure should focus on reducing LDL & VLDL.
  4. Family history of Diabetes / Hypertension / Heart Attacks (high triglyceride levels increases plaque in blood vessels).
  5. Regular Drinking of Alcohol and Smoking.

how to reduce high triglycerides

How are triglycerides produced in our body?

Triglycerides are produced  by the Liver , Don’t be surprised ! most of you might be thinking what? and why liver is making triglycerides which are harmful to our body,  No Triglycerides are not harmful provided they are within the limit, Your liver tells you to eat a balanced food in required quantity , So that Liver can process the food you eat and produce,  triglycerides / ldl & vldl in healthy levels.

Not just this your liver works 24 hours a day to process the food you eat, drink and even breathe it performs more than 500 vital functions, people with Diabetes are at high risk of liver diseases, want to know more see how the liver processes the food we eat

Food we eat is processed by the liver and is broken down into

  1. High Density Lipoprotiens (HDL) also called good cholesterol because hdl collects excess cholesterol and brings it to liver for disposal.
  2. Low Density Lipoprotiens (LDL) also called bad cholesterol because ldl transfers cholesterol and fat from liver to the rest of the body.
  3. Very low density lipoproteins are highly dangerous as they are prime carriers of triglycerides.
  4. Triglycerides are the most common form of fat in diet and human body which are harmful above 150mg/dl.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”cholesterol is required by the body”]liver will produce cholesterol if the food we eat cannot provide , because cholesterol is required by the body Cholesterol has many useful functions in the body including roles in membrane structure, brain tissue, fetal development, and the synthesis of bile acids and steroid hormones, like progesterone and vitamin D. When present in excess it collects in our tissues and plays a pivotal role in artery damage, insulin resistance, body fat, weight gain [/pullquote]

What foods cause high triglycerides in the body

Triglycerides are essential fats to the body but in limit, Around 50 mg/dl- 100mg/dl is considered healthy triglyceride levels, above certain level that it is going make you fat, and jam your cells with fat and increase insulin resistance that is why high triglycerides are linked to diabetes and most people will be surprised to know high triglycerides are a major cause of heart attacks.

Following foods are known to cause high triglycerides

  1. soft drinks high triglyceridesSoft Drinks & Packed Fruit juices are highly dangerous, if I ask you Do you like to eat 10 teaspoons of sugar at a time?  you will answer me no I will not, But you will be astonished  😯 to know that 250 ml soft drink contains 40 grams of sugar approximately(refer label in the right which shows sugars /100 ml ), 1 tsp = 4 grams , So conclusion is you are eating 10 spoons of sugar if you drink a soft drink. Next time before you purchase a soft drink just imagine – 10 spoons of sugar
  2. foods high in table sugar
  3. Excess Alcohol consumption
  4. Smoking

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Refined carbs are the culprit”] Sugars and refined grains stimulate insulin production. Insulin stimulates the liver to produce triglycerides. Triglycerides in the blood are not made from dietary fats but made in the liver from excess sugar which has not been used for energy. Eating more calories than your body can use for energy contributes to higher triglycerides.


Simple tips to reduce high triglycerides

How to prevent further increase in triglycerides?

  • Reduce/ eliminate packed foods like biscuits, chocolates (ocassional dark chocolate is ok), deep fried stuff from restaurants / road side shops.
  • Eliminate drinking coco cola ( i love the taste 🙁 ) , pepsi, mirinda, maaza, tropicana , real , etc all are equally responsible to shoot your triglyceride levels high.
  • Eliminate foods made of Maida like Samosa, namkeen, Foods high in saturated fats except Ghee and coconut) and trans-fat.
  • sleep on time, because lack of sleep, provocates us to over eat mostly sweet foods/carbs which again can lead to high triglycerides.
  • Stop Eating heavy meals.
  • Don’t sit for long in your chair (if you replace 2 hours of sitting with standing it can reduce your triglycerides by 11% and  if you replace 2 hours of sitting with walking it can reduce your triglycerides by 14%.
  • Choose good carbs (rich in fiber) like split peas, lentils, cauliflower, black beans, whole fuits, whole grains & steel cut oats etc and avoid bad carbs (poor in fiber) like white bread, candies, chocolates soft drinks. Not all carbs are created equal. Refined carbs are associated with obesity and metabolic diseases, but unprocessed carbohydrate foods are very healthy.


  • what action should  you take to reduce triglycerides
  • Add omega 3 food sources like fish, Almonds, walnuts and flax seeds.
  • Consume garlic raw or cooked form, use of raw garlic reduces high triglyceride levels effectively, but some people cannot take raw garlic., Add cranberries to your diet, you can buy online because they are less available in India .
  • Avoid white bread an decrease consumption of Oats (I recommend steel cut oats because they are the least processed ones) & Add psyllium husk it is proven even one of our readers Pramit Bhargava who reversed his diabetes at the age of 48 was using it. VLCC is selling this isabgol at a higher price because of its effectiveness in weight loss too, you can get it cheaper  It is available as ISABGOL [easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B00HVSSSXK” key=”small-light” locale=”IN” tag=”readitt-21″] – made by Dabur in India  which is highly helpful in constipation and lowers your hunger and helps in improving glycemic control and lipid control, best way to consume psyllium husk is to soak psyllium overnight in a glass of water and drink it early in the morning, avoid taking psyllium husk one before you take tablets, because it reduce absorption.
  • Consume whole fruit eliminate canned / packed fruit juices, avoid or reduce fruit juice at home also.
  • (Add cow ghee to your diet, thats yummy  😆 , Ghee is good , people think differently to just make it sure I checked a research paper published by NCBI, USA. Americans accepting Ayurveda. we need to believe in Ayurveda , Ayurveda is most advance science as per me.  I recommend to make ghee at your home , If it is not possible make sure you purchase only cow ghee I recommend Patanjali [easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B00NBRGAWG” key=”small-light” locale=”IN” tag=”readitt-21″], I am not a patanjali distributer by the way  😀
  • you have problem with your gums, you should pay more attention to it, brushing after meals and flossing once a day will help reduce inflammation in gums which impacts your triglyceride impact combined with ldl cholesterol
  • Start exercising, start with walking, jogging, skipping, squatting,cycling and do strength training if you can, strength training includes lifting weights, pushups, pullups etc.  Strength training is highly effective in bringing down high triglycerides. you can include exercise in your daily routine just by walk while you talk on phone (specifically for software professionals, corporates and 8 hour sitting job people), take steps , avoid milk tea and go for other teas which do not add sugar / sweeteners, Most of the artificial sweeteners are not safe except Stevia which is considered to be safe as of now.
  • lose weight, first thing you should do is eat 6-8 meals per day, quantity matters . eat in small portions.
  • Prefer whole foods and ensure our body receives all the nutrition required.
  • Stop worrying and start living, let us live life and have time for everything, why are you under stress to achieve targets of the million dollar company you work for – ignoring your breakfast , sleep, family and happiness , is it required??


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  • Triglycerides levels are 96. HDL 60.6 and LDL129. Detected with type 2 DM. Vegetarian. Highly active.age 58. Keen to reverse. Kindly suggest diet. Jayasimhan. Thanks.

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